Apex Legends Pro Tip: How To Glide Farther When Dropping


Apex Legends Pro Tip: How To Glide Farther When Dropping

If you’re not doing the wave when you drop, you’re selling yourself short in Apex Legends.

Loba Master Guide How To Use & Place Her Ultimate More Effectively On Apex Legends

This Loba Guide is #SponsoredByEA! Originally I wanted to make this video shorter, but realized how in-depth and detailed I could make it. I am sorry it is a long video, but as I promise, it is informative and can teach a ton! Let me know what other in-depth guides you want like this. #apexlegends #apexguide


00:00 Master Guide For Loba’s Ultimate Ability
00:24 Ultimate Usage When Dropping
01:23 Option 1 VS Option 2 (First Ultimate Placement)
02:07 Best Placement Tips
03:39 Using Her Passive To Help Loot With Her Ultimate
04:10 Pros & Cons Of Loba Placements
05:29 Recap Map Loba Ult Coverage
06:01 Loba Strength For Early Game
06:51 Early Game Loba Ultimate Decision
09:48 Loba Ultimate Blocking Doors
10:42 Loba Ultimate Strength On Storm Point & Example 3
10:57 Covering Her Ulimate Usage As Zones Close
11:59 Loba Placement #1 (Early Game)
13:05 Loba Placement #2 (First Rotation Placement)
15:00 Loba Placement #3 (As Zone Closes)
15:09 Loba Rotational Tips
16:10 Loba Placement #4 (As Zone Closes & Next Engagement)
16:34 Reminder About Loba Ult
16:41 Anchoring As Loba
17:42 Loba Placement #5 (As Zone Closes & Next Engagement)
18:08 Tip #1 Using Loba Ulimate As Cover
18:30 Tip #2 Hording Resources
20:05 Loba Placement #6 (Zone Closing & Anchoring)
21:16 Loba Aggressive Loba Ultimate Usage
21:57 Loba Placement #7 (Zone Closing & Anchoring)
22:56 Loba Ultimate Usage For Grabbing A Care Package
24:25 Loba Placement #8 (Zone Closing & Anchoring)
26:24 Loba Placement #9 (Zone Closing & Anchoring)
27:57 Loba Placement #10 (Final Zone)

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This is – Master Guide To Placing & Using Loba’s Ultimate More Effectively On Apex Legends

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