1602 A.D. Cheats For PC


1602 A.D. Cheats For PC

Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for 1602 A.D. on GameSpot.

Anno History Collection – Anno 1602 AD | Episode 2 | Trade Routes and Mining Iron

I hope you’re ready for a nostalgia trip, because we’re going down memory lane with the original Anno game, Anno 1602 AD (or Anno 1602 for those not in the US)! Released March 1998, I have fond memories of spending countless hours playing this unique and amazingly fun game! The Anno History Collection brings this classic in to the 21st century with updates to the UI and gameplay to better fit the modern era. Let’s rewind our clocks 20 years and experience the very first Anno together! Play jogos snes online for free! Dive into the golden era of gaming with curated collection of SNES classics. Play now for an unforgettable trip down memory lane.

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The Evolution of Anno – All Anno games from 1998 to 2019 | History Video

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The Evolution of Anno – all Anno games starting with Anno 1602 (1998) to Anno 1800 (2019) are presented in this history video.
Die Evolution von Anno – alle Anno Spiele von Anno 1602 (1998) bis Anno 1800 (2019) im Historienvideo.

Anno games so far:

1998 – Anno 1602
2002 – Anno 1503
2006 – Anno 1701
2007 – Anno 1701 for Nintendo DS
2009 – Anno: Create A New World
2009 – Anno 1404
2011 – Anno 2070
2013 – Anno Online (now offline lel)
2015 – Anno 2205
2019 – Anno 1800

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Removing slavery from Anno 1602 AD. How to mod a classic video game.

My Anno 1602 antislavery mod palette https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ebOvdxk5dnRhlHRumAHvGw1jWQHbZpTj?usp=sharing
The helpful Anno forum post https://www.annozone.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread &threadID=2242
The Anno 1602 sprite exporter https://github.com/Danjb1/anno-1602-reader
Rawpixels.net https://rawpixels.net/

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Anno 1602 History Edition | 10 Glitches & Exploits to be aware of

A collection of 10 glitches and exploits that still work in the latest re-release of this game that can be abused for all sorts of things. Some are just handy, others are game-breaking to the point of making the multiplayer a joke. I do not advocate the use of any of these tricks in online matches.